WE asked our members what they thought about the service

Who wouldn't love seeing great movies first? I saw this year's Oscar winner thanks to you and raved about it to everyone.
43, Suffolk
Thank you for giving me multiple opportunities to access the best type of escapism
Jack Aling
18, Hertfordshire
I love ShowFilmFirst as we have seen some amazing films and shows we wouldn't have known about or considered usually
Sally Bosley
I love showfilmfirst because it has given me access to so many amazing films early, I some some fantastic memories!
Tom Nightingale
27 - London
SFF has definitely made me open up more to a range or movie genres and not stick to just my usually romantic ones.
21 - London
The opportunity to experience films I wouldn't otherwise considered or perhaps come across. It widens my horizons and has introduced me to some really interesting films and subjects. 
I love it because it educates me about more than just the blockbusters. The films I get to see inspire a wider debate on the issues they raise with my circle of friends.
Sarah Sands
Get to see films I might not always consider. Nice way to supplement my cinema habit. Helps stimulate pub convos with mates. SFF is just TOPS!!!
Michael Sellick
I love having the opportunity to see things before anyone else, or to try shows/films that you might not necessarily go and see when paying.
Simon Hogarth
SFF give me and my friends the opportunity to see new film releases beforehand and be a part of the rare group of people who are able to experience seeing upcoming releases before the public.
Albert Seline
24, London
Bonus points for letting me take my partner with me thus enabling me to take him on a nice date even when I can't afford it. I love SFF and love the preview screenings, today was no exception.
25, Glasgow
Love being able to see theatre, dance, comedy, film and music that I otherwise could not afford, or wouldn't necessarily be interested in. I have had my mind changed many times!
Leigh Amos