Established in 2005

Started as a ticketing mechanic, ShowFilmFirst (SFF) became synonymous with generating positive word of mouth to support a films opening in cinemas.

SFF have been generating positive vibes for films that could have gone unnoticed – from The Full Monty to Slumdog Millionaire and The Artist, Green Book, A Star is Born and many more recently.

Many successful films have credited word of mouth created by previews as a key factor in the films exceeding box office predictions.

From audience recruitment for Film, SFF have diversified into seat filling and ticket sales for a wide variety of events at venues around the UK.

SFF are a tiny team with a Big Heart

Join a Members Only Seat Filling Club

Get to see more for less...

ShowFilmFirst (SFF) memberships are given to selected people, agreeing to the club principles, to be a seat filler. Producers of an event give complimentary tickets to the Seat-Filling Company such as SFF and these are shared with their members. The producers get a full audience and therefore a better experience for the paying patrons (and talent), while the seat filler is able to see an event for a small service charge. This is also referred to as papering the house.

This benefits the organisers too, which is why they offer the tickets, hoping for increased awareness of their show, higher concession sales, full auditorium for better atmosphere, and hopefully, spreading positive word of mouth.

Why would tickets be available?

Music gigs and launches have to have an audience but don’t always want to sell tickets

Comedy acts have to practice on a live audience before final shows

Theatres have to be full on press night

New shows need to generate positive word of mouth

Big stars fans may only be able to afford cheap tickets - expensive seats cant be left empty?

There are so many reasons that venues and promoters need an audience that can’t be achieved through ticket sales. This is where companies like Showfilmfirst are one of the entertainment industry’s best kept secrets.

ShowFilmFirst is the most exciting club you have never heard of as the first rule of SFF is don't talk about ShowFilmFirst

How does it work?

Simply apply for membership at showfilmfirst.com

Spaces are limited but anyone can apply. Membership is always about the right people but also SFF look to have equal numbers by gender, age and location. If one sector is at capacity, applications may be put on wait list until space becomes available.

ShowFilmFirst: An insiders guide to getting tickets

Don't talk about Seat Filling… The key rule of seat filling is not to talk about seat filling - talk about the event, but NOT how you got your tickets!

There are just a few simple non-negotiables for seat filling, but the benefits are huge!
You may be in the Gods or the best seat in the house, concerts could be sitting in VIP or standing in the mosh pit!
This is all part of the fun but here are some tips to ensure you get the best in show!

Discretion - Don't talk about the club

Don’t discuss offers with others. The comps have to remain the guests’ secret…

Social Media

Share your experiences on social media just don’t mention where you got the tickets from or the price, just talk about what you have seen.

Be an entertainment critic!

Always give feedback whether or not the event was your type of thing. The reactions you give are essential for the producers – sometimes it’s why they have given out free tickets in the first place.
Constructive feedback is all that’s needed – what worked, what perhaps didn’t work, and what could be done to make it better – or maybe it’s just not for you.

Dress Code

It’s important that we present a good image to event organisers and venues, as such dressing appropriately is important, we suggest smart casual attire. If it’s an Opening Night or Premiere, we will let you know if there is any specific dress code, but always recommend smart.

Dress to impress: if there are top seats available – they are going to someone that looks like they should be sitting there!


If you requested a ticket you must turn up